Amazon FBA Freight Forwarding: Things to Consider


Freight forwarding used to be a frightening process for most people, but now it has become at least half as difficult as it used to. 

It’s true that it has become complicated with time, but now you have many services across the internet that are willing to help you with each and everything. 

Apart from that, Amazon’s FBA platform has made it further easier. Now you just pay a certain fee to Amazon and they handle all the shipping for you, along with many other benefits that you receive. 

You can even outsource your FBA freight forwarding to other freight forwarders who will do everything for you while you sleep! Clearit USA Amazon fba freight forwarding services are well known in this regard. 

There are quite a few elite companies like Clearit USA who are willing to help you with everything, from shipping to customs clearance and much more. 

All of this means that now is the best time for you to extend your business across borders if you have been dreaming of it!

A Brief Overview of Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is a way of enabling businesses, whether small or large, to ship their products and services across borders in an easy, efficient, and timely manner. 

Since there are so many complications involved with shipping products across borders, people usually avoid it and just operate their business locally. 

Freight forwarding has helped millions of people grow their businesses beyond their countries. Many people today sell on amazon, and amazon has made shipment easier by introducing a special freight forwarding platform known as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). 

People involved in FBA don’t need to worry about shipping because Amazon has got that covered for them. On top of that, other freight forwarding companies are also now helping people manage their Amazon FBA. 

Things to Consider

In order to ensure the safety and efficiency of your shipping, you need to have expert freight forwarders on your side. Here are two things you need to consider while you hire a freight forwarder. 

  • Make Sure Your Freight Forwarder is FBA Experienced

Since a lot of freight forwarding today is happening in the form of Amazon FBA freight forwarding, your freight forwarder must be an expert in this field. This should be the case whether or not you are involved with Amazon. 

  • Services

Make sure that the freight forwarder can offer you all the services you need. The freight forwarder must be able to assist you in preparing legal shipping documents, customs clearance, packaging, warehousing, tracking, and everything else. 

Also, make sure that the freight forwarder offers services in areas where you want to operate. 


Freight forwarding has become a lot easier than it used to be in the past, thanks to freight forwarding companies and Amazon. Your dream of growing your business beyond borders can now come true very easily. You just need to be careful while you choose your freight forwarder.