Mobile Archiving: Businesses Needs It And Here Are The Reasons Why

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Mobile instant messaging (IM) applications are an instant hit in business industries at present. Business executives and human resource (HR) managers loved these trendsetters that offer chat, voice call, or video call options for the company’s employees and customers. Such features enable them to communicate with better efficiency, essential for success in the industry.

With WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, and more IM apps becoming more popular and available in the market, businesses shift from sending emails to composing and delivering text messages prone to data loss, which is a big problem. Well, what if an employee of yours accidentally or intentionally deletes a conversation? Do you have the capacity to get it back, especially if your company got involved in legal sues?

Therefore, businesses need to record mobile SMS nowadays through instant message capture. However, how? Is it even legal to archive all forms of electronic communication? If you want to know more about mobile archiving and why every business needs it, read this article until the last paragraph.

Policy compliance

Archiving text messages, chats, calls, and other forms of e-communication is a regulatory compliance requirement that Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandate in the United States. Hence, capturing and storing conversations is legal.

Outside the US, Europe-based regulatory firms General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) require member organizations and businesses to retain client communication and information such as chats and texts for compliance policies. Doing contrary to the rules and regulations implemented will result in legal consequences that business owners would want to avoid due to their short and long-term effects.

Preparedness for litigation, court cases

Whether or not your business had to comply with specific regulations, capturing and archiving mobile communication serves as irrefutable proof in times of litigation. Text messages are helpful evidence businesses can present in court proceedings, especially in defending the company against false data breach claims, online crimes, and eDiscovery facilitating.

Written in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, disclosing copies of text messages and other e-communication content (files and emails) is permissible for businesses that aim to prove their innocence in court.

Access older content again

Retrieving historical data comes uneasy, and a hassle for employees as accessing this information is equivalent to cluttering their devices’ storage.

Archiving mobile communication helps solve the issue. It reduces the demand you need to ask your IT staff and lowers the costs of upgrades, backup, and database tuning simultaneously.

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