The different trapezoidal thread taps sold by Gaugestools


The thread taps are used for creating threads on the screws and other similar equipments. There are a wide range of thread taps categories and products that are manufactured by different and sold in the market. Before you go ahead and purchase any specific type of thread tap , it is vital that you have sufficient knowledge or information about the different types of thread taps, their specs and uses  plus the manufacturers that produce them.

This information is vital in choosing good quality thread tap products from the market. Here we will briefly summarize what exactly a thread tap is. The thread tap is generally used in combination with the die for completing the process of thread forming on the screws. The process of thread creation on the tools is known as threading. There are some cutting tools whereas others are known as forming tools. A tap is essentially used for cutting or forming female portion of mating pair. The die is used for cutting or forming male portion of mating pair. The process of forming or cutting  threads with the tap is known as tapping while the process that uses a die is known as threading.

What to expect from Gaugestools?

The Gaugestools is one of the most trusted names in the industry for thread gauges and thread taps. The company has established itself an industry leading supplier of top quality thread gauge and tap products. The company has stringent quality control protocols in place for ensuring that the products manufactured by the company are of highest standards and they meet the industrial specifications with a high bar. The company also provides excellent customer support service through various channels. 

The trapezoidal thread taps is primarily used for the transmission and positioning of the adjustment device that is particularly popular in the mechanical domain. The trapezoidal thread comes with the angle of 30 degree and these taps are extensively in the mass production. The trapezoidal taps has various characteristics that include low dependency on operation workers, low cost tooling, and higher levels of thread accuracy. Some of the prominent and highly popular trapezoidal thread taps manufactured and sold by Gaugestools include Tr 8×1.5 tap, Tr 12×3 tap, Tr 14×3 tap, Tr 16×4 tap, Tr 18×4 tap, Tr 20×4 tap and so on until Tr52x8 tap. You can check out the different features of each of these trapezoidal thread taps by clicking on the product listing page.