The Factors Influencing the Variation in Shipping Cost of Car from Illinois to Georgia


A vehicle is one of the most precious possessions of any person. Thus, they would like to transport them to another place safely without any issues. This is because the car isn’t a commodity that you can discard for a higher price quickly and buy a new one at the relocated place at the same rate. You are sure to endure financial loss, thus the most suitable way is to transport them.

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Many factors are there that initiate the cost of auto transport. It will be profitable if you understand them clearly before negotiating the cost of shipping your vehicle with the auto transporter.

The facts that are considered while estimating the auto shipping cost:

  • The transporting distance: The longer distance transporting will cost more. They charge considering the miles the transit carrier has traveled and they even consider the type of roads while calculating the cost. For example, it costs more when the vehicle is transported by traveling off road.
  • It depends upon the type of vehicle and its size. The rates are confirmed considering the space it takes while loaded on a carrier truck. Any outer modification like heavy big-size tires or roof rack height also increases the cost of shipping.
  • The open car transport is cheaper compared to the enclosed auto shipping carrier. An open carrier is a usual way of transporting multiple cars at a time. It is budget-friendly and safe as well if you choose a reputed auto transporter. People who own new or vintage vehicles prefer more safety, thus for them, the enclosed carrier option is the best mode. It will be costlier however proves worth the price. It will protect against dust, rains and any other harsh weather conditions.
  • The cars that are in functional conditions are cheaper to transport compared to nonfunctional ones. It is because an inoperable car needs to be hauled while loading and unloading them.
  • The cost may rise if it is snowing or there are heavy rains while shipping the vehicle by road. The drivers are sure to ask for extra fares to ship the cars.
  • Shipping cost depends upon the location from where the car needs to be transported and the delivery place. Rural areas or outskirts of the city cost more than the city itself as there are few carrier drivers ready to do the required shipping service.
  • The other factors that generally increase the cost of car shipping are door to door service and if you want shipping services immediately. That is the reason there is a need to hire their services as soon as possible.

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