Electronic Business Cards for Company Persons and Businessmen


Gone are the days when people used paper business cards for distributing and advertising their business. These days many people are using online business cards or electronic visiting cards. To create online business cards or visiting cards you need smartphone and app to do the same. With the help of the electronic visiting card or online business cards, you can give your telephone number or address or contact details or exchange contact information easily. One of the alternatives to the real business card for giving telephone number or address or contact details or exchange contact information is the electronic business card or the online business card or visiting cards.

Need an Expert –

You can create the online business cards or electronic business cards, by using business website outlook. Electronic business card or online business card is easy to create through the business website outlook, where you have to fill the form and other details. To create electronic business cards and online business cards you will need a expert who can manage or work on business website outlook. Online Visitenkarte or Electronic business card and online business card can be made or to create you will need to generate the code, which you can also do through business website outlook.

Use in Android Phone –

You can create the electronic visiting card in which you have to generate the code through the app. Then you can share the QR code with people having iPhone or android phone. Then, after sharing the QR code on iPhone and android phone, and after scanning, the person will be able to see the visiting card or access the visiting card. One of the best parts that you will know about the digital visiting card is that you can use the card on your smartphone and through your smartphone share the QR code and others and also you can whatsapp the link of your digital card to others.

Good for Companies –

So, having a smartphone is a must for any person for sharing the digital business card. Many people who are having a business company, the digital card is very useful for them. Company persons can easily carry an electronic business card or V cards and share it with people on spot in their numbers, rather than giving a paper card and later the paper card being thrown into the dustbin. Therefore, if you do not want to face such a scenario then it is very important for company person and company employees to carry their companies’ electronic cards.

Free Electronic V Cards –

One of the best parts that you will know about the electronic cards is that they are free. You can share it with other person on their phone free and there is no need for any money or deduction of any kind. Only you need a good internet connection for the same. Next thing, lets compare the space factor of the paper card vs. electronic cards. You will notice one thing that paper cards are limited, whereas, electronic cards are unlimited. When printing some information on the paper cards, you must have noticed one thing, which you run always out of space.

Unlimited Digital V Cards –

But that’s not the case with the digital business cards. Digital business cards have a lot of space and are unlimited. It means that in a paper card for business you will have to cut short the things and make brief details or give brief details about your business. You can never mention the products that your company is selling in the paper cards. And, even if you try to then the font becomes small and ultimately the card doesn’t looks good. But in a digital business cards you can always have a lot of space to mention about your business and its products too, if you like to.

Electronic V Cards are Eco-friendly –

Next thing, Alternative to the real business card, the electronic visiting cards are much environment friendly. But the paper cards are not. For every paper card to be made, so many trees have to be cut down every year. This contributes to deforestation. Therefore, it is very important that you switch to the electronic visiting cards and not the paper cards. The paper business cards are a utter waste of time, energy and money and resources. Also, after use or not using it, it is thrown in the trash.

So, you should always think of upgrading your business and company, by switching to the paperless digital or online Visitenkarte or electronic business cards. Making a electronic business card is cheap and eco-friendly solution and is paperless. You just need your smartphone or android phone and a good internet connection.