Options Of Imprinting On Plastic Bags


Plastic bags have been ruling the market since the 1980s, not only because of their affordability but also because of how beneficial and convenient they are. Despite constant opposition, they still dominate the markets. Initially, basic plastic bags served the purpose but with time, advances were made and brands started customizing the bags for propagation of their business. Customizing bags adds a personal touch to the products that customers value. 

But how are the brand names, logos taglines etc. printed on the bags? The bag producing industries manufacture bags according to the needs of their clients. Junise custom plastic bags are a good example of it. If the client demands customized bags, they use printing methods to create what the client desires. 

First plastic rolls are made by blown extrusion which is followed by making of polybags from the rolls. There are three popular options available to imprint the plastic bags obtained from the production process. One can choose adhering to their budget and choice. 

A] Screen printing- It is a primitive method still very commonly used even today. Only premixed ink call spot colors can be used in screen printing. Screen printing involves placing a screen between plastic bag, which has inverted logo or brand name that gets imprinted by spreading ink on the screen. 

B] Digital Printing- There is nothing today that is untouched by the digital advancements. Digital printing allows printing on plastic directly through a printer. Digital printing knows no bounds since it is technological. You can design whatever you desire and get it imprinted with precision and intricacy. Digital printing also offers you a wide range of tints to choose from. However, it can be slightly expensive but it is worth the expenditure. 

C] Embossing- Embossing is a unique form of printing wherein one can add a 3D effect to the prints. Heat and Pressure are employed on a metallic object designed as the logo to transfer the logo on the plastic bag. Embossing appeals to the eye and makes your brand logo stand out. 

Everyone talks about how plastic is harmful to the environment; yet not one person can deny the efficiency that plastic provides; and despite the wide acceptance that plastic should be banned, we cannot think of living without plastics. It is deep rooted into our lifestyles. Definitely plastic can harm the environment but when used appropriately, it provides great functionality with minimal ill effects.