Understanding the Karat system and how it works

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You may have seen the adverts and heard from friends and family how gold has saved them and helped them get through some difficult times and you have made the decision to sell to jewelry buyers Melbourne. You will find that the city has no shortage of people wanting to buy your unwanted, old or damaged gold jewelry. When it comes to selling your valuable, it is important to know exactly what you are doing, knowing the bare basics is helpful but it is important to know the most important factor – how much gold is actually in your jewelry. 

Consider this: even the purest gold isn’t all the way pure. Pure gold is too soft and not durable enough to withstand the daily wear and tear that comes with putting your jewelry on every day. To make it durable, it is mixed with other metals. The purity of gold is measured in karats; the purest gold is made up of 24 karat gold. However, jewelry is almost never made from any gold with a purity above 18 k. There are some high-end pieces that you might find some that have a karat value of 22 k but these are scarce. What does it mean to have gold with a purity value of 18 K? 

It means you have gold jewelry consisting of 18 parts pure gold or 75% pure gold. The rest of the metal will contain other metals. 75% pure gold is pretty decent but anything below 10 karats is considered the basement value. This does not mean you cannot sell gold jewelry with a karat value of 10k. There is still 41.66% pure gold in the piece of jewelry. The amount of cash you can get for selling low karat value also depends on the weight of gold you are bringing to jewelry buyers Melbourne.

In some countries like Europe, the quality is engraved in numbers like “750” for 18K, 585 for 14K gold, and 416 for 10K. 

Now that you know the purity of your gold, you need to concern yourself with the quantity of pure gold in the jewelry itself. You could get a substantial amount of cash if you have a substantial weight of gold. 

On the subject of the amount of gold in your jewelry some jewelry will have a coating of pure gold whilst others will have a filling. Because of its malleability, spinning gold into a wire or creating thin sheets of gold is easy but creating jewelry by just spinning gold around some other kind of metal reduces the value of gold. Jewelers will often mark the gold to show how much gold there is in a jewelry piece by marking with something like 1/20 12 K G.F. This means that the jewelry piece 1/20th of the jewelry contains 12 karats of gold. That is not a lot of gold and this is why most gold buyers will not buy that kind of gold.   

Remember that just because jewelry shines and it’s yellow like gold does not mean that the gold is pure or that there is a lot of it in a particular piece of jewelry, To make sure you get a fair price educate yourself and consult the experts.